Таша Капштык (tashakapshtyk) wrote,
Таша Капштык

Easter bread

Traditional Russian Easter bread is extreamely time and energy consuming, so this year due to some medical reasons I was not able to spend other 8 hours beating yeast dough, giving it rest, than beating it again and adding some ingredients than beating again, than giving rest... In the end of the day the result's worth it - that kind of traditional properly hand made Easter breads go beyond all expectations and disappear within a minute while those lame fakes that can be purchased all over the city these days are just sweet bread decorated with sugar. And nothing more.
Since that 5-years-ago Easter when I finally pulled myself together and first baked my first two breads I have never missed this opportunity to bake Easter breads and have never baked them for any other reason - as 8 hours in the kitched and all those ingredients made the recipe almost sacred for me. By the way each baker has his/her own recipe whih is considered to be "the real one"... I am not that arrogant. Mine is just a good recipe of a good traditional bread, based on the Pokhlebkin's one and slightly modified due to my lame baker skills and constant lack of saffron liqueur.
This year... this year I had to find the compromise and I did.
I used my bread machine to make dough. The result was quite satisfactory: not that kind of breads that I used to take off the hot oven 4 years running, but still much, much better that those on sale.

Tomorrow I will bake couple of them for the whole family: mom and dad, grand mom and for parents-in-law and together with Eugeny we will decorate them with rasins and sugar. Thanx to Sam I've got some Epiphany holywater (which in Russian Orthodox tradition is considered to be the most powerful and miraculous) so I will use it to bless the breads at home.

I am looking forward to celebrating this Easter - as far as this year the Easter is Easter for everybody. :)
Tags: cooking, easter, home, кулинарные эксперименты, сын
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