Таша Капштык (tashakapshtyk) wrote,
Таша Капштык

Taboo 583 and Moscow Fashion Night Out Today!

Meet you at Chanel.:)
Seriously, I'm going to get there right after office. I'm definitely after two new le vernis limited FNO 2013 shades and I beleive I need a Le volume mascara in burgundy.
I'm wearing Taboo today. Despite there is no sun, the skies are steel grey, heavy and low and it's drizzling outside, you can see "chanel original vanishing shimmer" on my swatch. Taboo was introdused as a part of make-up of FW 2013 Scotch collection and it is as complicated as tartans themselves. Rich in gold shimmer it combines red and plum colors. What I personally adore in Taboo is its strong plum-blue layer which gives the lacquer incrediable depth.

To highlight Taboo I've put my aubergine silk blouse on.

Actually I am a kind of freak today. Yet in my favorite colors.:)))

Tags: chanel, via ljapp
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