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Manowar: something remains the same

I first listened to Manowar when I was something about fifteen. I still can remember this very minute: me and a friend of mine were in the very end of a queue with another hour or two expected to be wasted in line. All the actual topics had been already discussed and we faced one of those embarassing pauses which are common for those who show mutual interest but are not yet that close to enjoy silence together. Suddenly he took out earphones and a shabby walkman, handed me the left ear, almost forced me to put it to my ear and pushed play.
It was The Crown and the Ring.

Since that very minute my life has changed.

What is both amazing and funny for me is that I still feel the same as if I am still fifteen while listening to their music. And I still use them as a motivating tunes.:)))
And - yes - I love heavy metal.
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